P3 offers the most advanced tuning equipment in town, operated by our experienced staff of board and ski tune technicians.
Our shop can perform all types of ski and snowboard tuning and repair. We can perform tunes, repair edges, replace edges, repair base damage, repair delams, and more.

Our state-of-the-art equipment from Montana Sport International can make an old board ride like new with a Crystal Glide Finish. Crystal Glide Finish is an integrated approach to ski & board tuning.

The “P3 Tune”

  1. Repair Base Damage
  2. Flatten Bases
  3. Stone Grind, Structure & Pattern Bases
  4. Side Edge Grind & Bevel (1 Degree)
  5. Base Edge Grind & Bevel (.5 Degree)
  6. Hand Wax for Current Riding Conditions

Repair Rates

P3 Tune (No Ptex) $55
Edge & Belt Wax $25
Edge & HandWax $35
Detune & Wax $12
Belt Wax $10
Hand Wax $17
Ski Binding Mount $55
Ski Binding Hand Mount $75
T-Nut $15 Each Hole
Strip & Plug $6
Binding Adjustment $25
Rental Adjustment* $10

* Our Boot, Your Ski

Major Repair With Estimate