Pro Tip Tuesday: Layering

It’s better to have several pieces of gear that do individual jobs well rather than one piece that tries to do everything at once.

1. Base Layers keep you warm and dry by moving sweat away from your skin. This base layer from @ridge_merino is made from merino wool fibers which add a strong layer of warmth as well as technical moisture management.

2. Mid Layers provide warmth by trapping air pockets that your body heats up as you move. That’s why we recommend this @hellyhansen puffy, filled with high-loft down insulation to trap maximum airspace with minimal weight.

3. Shell Layers are designed to keep the elements out with DWR (durable water repellent). This @flylowgear shell comes with a powder skirt that buttons at the waist to keep powder from blowing into your jacket. The hard shell material also protects from the wind.


Pair these different layers in different combinations for different conditions. Wear all 3 for cold windy storm days to stay warm and dry. Wear a base and shell layer on warmer breezy days to keep the wind out. Wear a base and puffy out on the town for warmth and ease of movement.