Rentals & Demos – Skis, Snowboards, Boots, Twin Tips

P3 offers the finest ski & snowboard rentals at competitive onlinerentalprices. Our equipment is tuned regularly, ensuring top notch performance on the mountain. We offer sport, performance and demo packages with the latest skis and snowboards. Our friendly staff will make sure you get the right equipment and answer all of your riding questions.

Sport Rentals

The P3 Sport package is great for the recreationalvolkl-rtm-7-4-silver skier who is keeping it under warp speed and staying on mostly groomed runs. Our Volkl 7.4 is a user-friendly ski that likes shorter turns and is very forgiving. We carry three different brands of rental boots; Lange, Dalbello, and Rossignol, each having a different fit to accommodate a wider or narrower foot.

When is comes to our snowboard sport package we offer the K2 Raygun for the men. It’s a great board for the solid intermediate rider who loves to get out and explore, this board will only support, and never hold you back. With the women’s sports package we have the K2 First Lite. It’s small amount of Rocker resulting in more confidence throughout the learning curve and unlocks faster progression on all terrains. Finally for the groms we rent the K2 Jr. Turbo Dream.


Performance Rentals
K2 A.M.P. 80XTI

Our men’s performance ski is the K2 Amp 80XTI. The Amp 80 XTi is a perfect ski for the strong intermediate to advanced skier who enjoys spending their time on the trail, but not afraid to go explore off the trail, when the conditions are right. It’s 80mm waist makes for quick edge to edge moves but is still wide enough to confidently explore off piste. The Amp 80xti is a true advanced/expert level ski that would be priced as a demo at any other shop. Here at P3 we rent the ski for $39 a day.

K2 Superific
K2 Superific

For the Ladies our K2 Superific is for an advancing skier looking to explore new trails and make effortless turns. It’s 76mm waist make it quick form edge to edge, but the 120mm shovel with tip rocker gives it more versatility than you expect. Like the men’s Amp 80XTi, the Superific is an exceptional ski for a performance rental and a great value.

Our performance snowboards fleet comprises of all the demo boards from the 2015/16 retail wall.


Demo Rentals

Demoing skis or boards is the best way to pick out your new sticks, or to get the best ride for the conditions at hand. Every demo on our wall is available for demo. We demo skis from K2, 4 Frnt, Armada, Line, Black Crows, Nordica and Faction. Snowboards demos from, Never Summer, Lib Tech, Gnu, D-day and Dinosaurs Will Die.


What does P3 consider a Junior rental?

A junior ski/snowboard package applies to a renter who is 12 years old or younger AND their equipment sizes are within these ranges:
Ski: Boot size 6 or under. A ski up to 135cm.
Snowboard: Boot size 6 or under. A board up to 139cm.


The following DISCOUNTS can be applied to rentals everyday of the season. No Black Out days!

  • Rent 3 or 4 consecutive days get 10% off!
  • Rent 5 or more consecutive days get 20% off!
  • Military & Senior Discount (62 and up) 20% off


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Jr. Snowboard PKG $ 24.00   Jr. Ski PKG $ 24.00
Jr. Snowboard PKG 1/2 Day $ 17.00   Jr. Ski PKG 1/2 Day $ 17.00
Jr. Snowboard Only $ 17.00   Jr. Skis Only $ 17.00
Jr. Snowboard Only 1/2 Day $ 13.00   Jr. Skis Only 1/2 Day $ 13.00
Jr. Snowboard Boot Only $ 12.00   Jr. Ski Boots Only $ 12.00
Jr. Snowboard Boot Only 1/2 Day $ 9.00   Jr. Ski Boots Only 1/2 Day $ 9.00

STD Snowboard PKG

$ 39.00

  Jr. Perf. PKG  $ 32.00

STD Snowboard PKG 1/2 Day

$ 30.00

  Jr. Perf PKG 1/2 Day $ 23.00

STD Snowboard Only

$ 30.00   Jr. Perf Ski Only $ 23.00

STD Snowboard Only 1/2 Day

$ 22.00

  Jr. Perf Ski Only 1/2 Day $ 16.00

STD Snowboard Boot Only

$ 22.00      

STD Snowboard Boot 1/2 Day

$ 16.00   Sport Ski PKG $ 39.00
      Sport Ski PKG 1/2 Day $ 30.00
Perf. Board & Boot PKG $ 50.00   Sport Ski Only $ 30.00
Perf. Board & Boot PKG 1/2 Day $ 39.00   Sport Ski Only 1/2 Day $ 21.00
Perf. Board & Bind Only $ 40.00      
Perf. Board & Bind Only 1/2 Day $ 30.00   Perf. Ski & Boot PKG $ 50.00
Perf. Board Only $ 35.00   Perf. Ski & Boot PKG 1/2 Day $ 39.00
Perf. Board Only 1/2 Day $ 27.00   Perf. Ski Only $ 40.00
Perf. Board & Demo Boot $ 65.00   Perf. Ski Only 1/2 Day $ 28.00
Perf. Board & Demo Boot 1/2 Day $ 47.00   Perf. Boot Only $ 22.00
      Perf. Boot Only 1/2 Day $ 16.00
Demo Snowboard PKG $ 95.00    
Demo Snowboard PKG 1/2 Day $ 70.00   Demo Ski Perf Boot PKG $ 65.00
Demo Snowboard & Bind Only $ 60.00   Demo Ski Perf Boot PKG 1/2 Day $ 43.00
Demo Snowboard & Bind 1/2 Day $ 45.00   Demo Ski Only $ 55.00
Demo Board Only $ 45.00   Demo Ski Only 1/2 Day $ 39.00
Demo Board Only 1/2 Day $ 33.00  
Demo Snowboard Boot Only $ 35.00   Adult Helmet $ 12.00
Demo Snowboard Boot Only 1/2Day $ 27.00   Jr. Rental Helmet Day or Half Day $ 8.00
Demo Board Perf. Boot $ 65.00      
Demo Board Perf. Boot 1/2 Day $ 43.00   Jr. & Adult Poles Alpine $ 5.00
Snowboard Binding  $ 14.00    
STD Snowboard Bind 1/2 Day  $ 9.00  
Demo Snowboard Binding  $ 22.00  
Demo Snowboard Bind 1/2 Day  $ 15.00