Custom Ski and Snowboard Boot Fitting

Mammoth’s only custom snowboard boot fit shop. Professionally trained boot fitters.

We offer several custom fitting services for both ski and snowboard boots. Services include new purchase modifications, footbeds, shell stretching and custom liners. Keep in mind boot fitting takes time. Be prepared to spend over an hour in the shop to get the proper fit. Weekends and holidays can get very busy here in Mammoth. We are usually the busiest from 2:30 to 6:30. If you can come in earlier, before 2pm we are usually not as busy.

New Purchase

A new ski or snowboard boot purchase from P3 includes a custom fitting if necessary. We want to make sure your first day on the slope is an enjoyable one and all the following days on the hill. After a foot assessment, a footbed or liner adjustment may be applied as needed. We will recommend an appropriate upgraded footbed, depending on your personal needs.


It’s rare that boots fit perfectly out of the box. A supportive footbed is the first step to a personalized fit. Our footbeds range from $40 to $50 off the shelf. We carry trim-to-fit foot beds from Superfeet and Masterfit. We will recommend an appropriate footbed, depending on your personal needs.

Shell Stretching

Most people are not going to be lucky enough to find a boot that fits perfectly out of the box. It seems like something can always use a little tweak to get it perfectly. A very common mistake is to buy a ski boot that is too large in size or volume because the correct boot seems too tight in one small area. This is especially common with anklebones and “sixth toes”. It may not seem obvious or intuitive, but it is much easier to gain room where needed, than to pad up a boot that is too big everywhere except for that one problem spot. Fortunately, ski boots are designed to be customized, as feet are like fingerprints; no two are exactly alike. For things such as bunions, “6th Toes”, big ankles or any abnormal bones, we can modify the shell where needed. This can take the form of shell stretching, grinding and/or cutting. Liners can also be stretched or modified, or even replaced with a new custom one.


We often add foam shims to boot liners in order to secure movement or relieve pressure points. The most common shims are medial/lateral ones that snug up the boot to reduce movement caused by excess volume. Tongue pads are also common, and can be used to relieve shin bang, increase heel hold and snug up the upper cuff of the boot. Even properly sized new boots that fit well will often benefit from minor shimming or grinding.

Custom Liners

If you are in search of the best possible fit and performance, a custom liner may be the final puzzle piece. These after-market liners are molded to fit your feet in your ski boots. We carry the heat-mold-able Power Wrap liners from Intuition. We highly recommend using custom footbeds with custom liners.
POWER WRAP liners are a cult classic. One of the original models loved by the “hard cores”. They upgrade performance and fit in most shells. Recommended for intermediate to advanced level skiers and riders who want to stiffen up their shells. A high-density, medium thickness wrap style liner with reinforced cuff wrap overlay to add volume and stiffness, while providing maximum support and heel hold.
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